Strong ability to identify and leverage emerging technologies to create strategic advantages for businesses. This includes developing a deep understanding of market trends, identifying new business opportunities, and building strong relationships with key stakeholders.


Worked on a wide range of projects, including designing branding strategies, creating marketing collateral, and developing user interfaces for websites and mobile applications.


Highly skilled in product design, with over 15 years of experience creating innovative and effective SaaS products for a variety of industries.

About Mike Stafiej

Michael Stafiej is a seasoned entrepreneur and technology executive with over 15 years of startup technology experience.

Currently Michael Stafiej is the CEO and Founder of ERIN, the world’s #1 employee referral and internal mobility platform. Under Stafiej’s leadership, ERIN has secured several rounds of funding and has attracted top talent to its team. ERIN continues to drive innovation  in the HR Technology space.